Monday, October 1, 2007

October begins a new month and new challenges ...

Much time has passed since changes or updates have found themselves to the website. With the chill of the fall and winter months approaching, I feel that even more of an effort can be placed to this project. I still feel this is an endeavor that can help all that find themselves on the same path of this journey. Thanks to all that have continued to visit our site as it has set idle for some time. My goal now in the future is at a minimum to give the site updates no less than twice a week. I think that will give us time to bring together the information needed and also allow the normal activities of our daily lives to happen.

We have continued to work on the layout. We have tested the entire layout as we have finally been able to run trains over all placed track. That was a long time coming; I think we were pushing 2 years since trains have run as such. We are trying to at least get the base of the bridge and the track layed on the pull out bridge section we have named Old Grizzly Gulch. With that functional we will be able to run trains in a larger loop. I have been working on putting the layout in a drawing so all can see where I am talking about as I talk about updates. I will be putting more updates on this week to get us and you caught up with our process.