Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ballast, rock work and a service road

Much was accomplished yesterday just as I had hoped. The ballast for the freight yard was secured. Quickly I might add. I still need to double check it today after it has dried but I used a spray bottle for the alcohol which was so much faster. I also used a spray bottle instead of a dropper for the glue solution. I am not 100% confidant that is going to work like I wish but we will see. Also David worked on the rockwork of the interlocking tower retaining wall. I am very happy on how that is turning out. We had been talking about the service road and what we would use to cover it. I had some sand from Seaside, OR (which is my wife's most favorite place) and I knew I want to use the sand someplace on the layout. We tested it on the service road and were happy on how it looked. A dusting with an airbrush and I think it will be perfect. Make sure you check out the Photo Gallery for the newest pictures. I am researching the concert pads that I want to place for the fueling station and will be attending a meeting of our local model railroad club where I want to get some pictures and talk to them on how they did theirs. All in all a very good evening.

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