Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To find a short ...

So I started to clean the Freight yard leg of the layout. I will be working on a drawing of the layout so that you will know the areas that I am talking about. But this is the area that we have been laying ballast in and painting. This section is disconnected from the rest of the layout and I wanted to supply power to it so that I could test the track and begin to run some trains. Well that is where I am stuck at now. My DCS100 keeps shorting out whenever I apply power to the section. It worked at one time and now doesn’t. The only things really that has changed is that we have added ballast, painted, and soldered joints but there is a short somewhere so I will be researching today to find it. So lesson learned. Ensure all track is functional before moving to any other phase. Also if we would have been running trains to this point we would have noticed when the short happened and maybe have a better chance of finding it.

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