Monday, August 27, 2007

Have returned ... finally

Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days. As life and the computer had different thoughts of what I should be doing. I think I am back in a forward direction now and am looking forward to some good work on the layout this week. I have started to work on the GP40 that I will be painting in the Tacoma Rail Paint scheme. I am trying to decide which red should be used for it. We were able to run some trains over the weekend which felt ... well very good. Upon doing so we have found we need to do some work on tunnels as they will not allow a double stack well car to pass. That will be some major construction items we work on this week. I am still continuing to work on securing the wiring under the bench and will be sealing them soon with liquid tape. Also I will be starting from the back wall and adding some ground cover to the ballast already added and test that application. Hmmmm ... and we will be also using the Weathering System from Bragdon Enterprises and the Rusty Rail System from Joe's Model Trains. Reviews to be posted within the next week on both items.

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