Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tacoma Rail?

I have begun thinking of a new rail line to add to the two that I already have. I really wanted to add a west coast railroad but David is running BNSF and UP. So that caused me to think smaller and more local. The two choices that I ended up with are Tacoma Rail and Port of Tillamok. As the Tacoma Rail engines rumble not but 100 feet outside of my office that was my choice. I think I am going to start with a GP40. I see that Bachmann has one on sale right now through Walthers so I will look at it a little more. It will be some work as it is painted in a different scheme and I will need to strip it clean and repaint but I am pretty excited about that thought. We continued to add sand for the service road to cover some of the bare spots. I will be working more on completing the interlocking tower and adding some ground cover over the mainline. Look for some new pics coming soon.

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